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    [X:CE 0.34 U] Dodgy LOS / very good peripheral vision?

    Sounds like a definite problem to me. Add onto that the inability to shoot around or see around certain random objects on the map for no apparent reason and this gets even worse. And then add onto that enemies just randomly appearing/disappearing when turning despite not losing the view on the squares and you've got yourself a complete mess of a LoS system. This is a problem. Whether with the vanilla game or only the CE, it's a problem. If you took up the reigns to patch up the game with access to the original source code, then I don't see why you're even remotely defensive about putting work into looking into and potentially fixing this issue.
  2. I've been complaining about this too during my play sessions. Shield users can't jump over things other soldiers can; forced to destroy the cover (wasting TU or even turns) or find a way around it, if possible. Didn't even realize we can drop shields, but then that makes them fairly useless. The shields are too long to fit in the backpack, so soldiers can't take extra ones on missions to replace them when they break. I can understand gunfire being blocked, but having it blocked when one tile away and standing doesn't seem logical. If fence gates can't be opened.. then why are they even modeled?! Vanilla oversight? I would like to see changes made to shields in the CE; at the very least let us carry them in our backpack.
  3. The mod is bundled into CE .34, which is what I meant by "not directly".
  4. Huh, I've been using this since I started my CE .33/34 playthrough and it hasn't actually been working this whole time. I only have the default explosive weapons and I don't think any stats changed. Does this need to be a specific priority with .34? ..or, does changing mod priority mid-game actually break mods? I think I did that to try and find a workaround for a default equip thing (explosive rocket being loaded by default instead of incendiary). Think that may have broken it, as when I loaded I couldn't click on anything in the geoscape... and now I'm at endgame with everything researched; great. Never though changing mod priority could break a stackable mod; guess it does with Xenonauts.
  5. DAOWAce

    [X:CE 0.34 stable] Black tiles on water

    I am seeing this as well with the default mod setup.
  6. Oh, this is a problem with .34? Edit: Not directly; long standing issue with enhanced crash sites mod. Been suffering this issue the last few days with the Cruiser ships; been driving me insane. Any way we can get a hotfix (Steam) or temp fix this manually while we wait for the hotfix? Edit: Nevermind the urgency; hiding roofs is a workaround I didn't know until I read this thread. My last mission bugged so badly I couldn't see either the lower or upper level, would've had to abort the mission or save scum so much just to get it finished.
  7. Mod appears to be broken in multiple ways according to people. (I've not used it, just seen it used) The worst part about it is that the (laser?) carbines fire triple bullets with every shot, turning it into an absurdly overpowered weapon. The original author seems to have disappeared a year ago and nobody's uploaded a fixed version as far as I can see. A fix was mentioned on the workshop page if anyone wants to fix it: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=338350276 I know nothing about modding this game, but if nobody gets around to it, maybe I can look into it and upload a fixed version for anyone still wanting to use it. Edit: The workshop version (and skaianDestiny's edit?) seems to not have the issue upon file inspection? Unless I have to actually install the mod and activate it for it to change things, then it isn't bugged? I have no idea, maybe the CE edition fixes it? I'm clueless. In any case, if anyone wants to use this, don't use it from the OP, use either skaianDestiny's link or the version on the Steam workshop.
  8. I opened the mod loader after patching and was horribly confused at how to update the game (just got Xenonauts after v33), then after hitting default setup I noticed that the duplicates were all french translations. Is it possible to use Steam's game language option to restrict different mod languages to whichever it's set to? Otherwise, if more translations are done, our mod list is going to be full of useless translation patches that we have to manually delete every update.