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  1. Thoughts/suggestions: Now that the game has a 3D engine, Zoom would be great. Rebreather/gas masks if enabled in the armory should be visible on the tactical map Change background color on bars for soldier portraits on tactical map to increase contrast between TU bar and empty background (when viewing soldiers with mostly used up TUs, the light grey background can make it unclear that the TU bar is empty. This is also an issue for certain types of colorblindness) UI to better indicate the ability to assign/status of assigned engineering personnel to buildings like generators. Also, it would be nice to have the ability to automatically minimize necessary personnel in order to maximize personnel available to work on engineering construction projects. Options for local civilian/armed forces interactions or general civilian/local force behaviors: e.g. order civilians to head for the helicopter - lets you establish and maintain 'safe zone' for civilians. Request local forces retreat to helicopter to protect. etc.
  2. JetTiger

    [V16.1] can't heal soldiers in battle

    Posting to confirm that I have the same issue. I have to select the green fire mode in order to select the medkit to heal. Clicking the medkit itself doesn't work.
  3. Description: While playing a ground mission I came across a tile I could not select to move soldiers to except with some careful mouse finagling (pictures attached). As seen orientation). auto_groundcombat_turn_9_start-17.json output.log
  4. Hi all, After reinstalling Xenonauts after having last played several months ago, and updating to the latest community edition, I noticed something peculiar in the mods list in the launcher. The Fire in the Hole Mod is listed as included, but not activated (which is as it's supposed to be), except that it's the french (FR) version. The "default" English version of the mod doesn't seem to be included in the mod list. I had to download it separately from Steam Workshop. Not a big deal really, just wondering if I'm bugged out on my end, or if there's an issue elsewhere that needs fixing.
  5. Loving the mod so far, I was just wondering if there was a known-compatibility issue with the Fire in the Hole mod? I can equip the breaching charges from that mod at the soldier inventory screen, but when I try to equip them in-game they disappear. I don't know if it conflicts with some existing assets in the AAI mod, but it would be amazing to still be able to utilize that mod alongside yours!