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    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    Terror sites are still crashing the game
  2. open door in ufo game hangs , included crash report folder 2019-04-29_192832.7z
  3. when killing a drone inside the spaceship the explosion is the last thing you see from the game as it just crashes. hier.json output.log
  4. Johan_Seutens

    [V1.2 - General] Only 1 laser battery.

    Latest steam version , new game , normal play , 4 ufo down , researched laser , build 1 laser , assigned to soldier , not getting auto loaded , only 1 ammo , got loaded in ufo recovery build second laser , had no ammo so didn't use it or tried to unassign the first laser and ammo , did read post above so did this try : started a new game ,no fighting , researched laser , build 3 lasers ,assigned laser got auto loaded and ammo got unlimited sign as long as i didn't move the ammo itself from the belt menu in a soldier his belt . work around , unload ammo from laser when assigned to soldier and drag it into belt , unassign laser and assign laser again , still got autoloaded and unlimited sign still there and the one in belt also , repeat same procedure for 3 soldiers , al had now loaded laser and 2 ammo in belt , belt menu still has unlimited as long as i don't move the ammo from belt menu ;-) game time ended couldn't test more
  5. Johan_Seutens

    [V1.2 - General] Only 1 laser battery.

    same issue here , produced 1 rifle and 1 ammo , assigned to a soldier (not preloaded gun) then produced another gun but no ammo came to the list latest steam build with new game start