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    Altering soldier stats

    Hello Is there a way to alter soldier stats in an ongoing game for RP purposes? I know save games cant be edited, is there some other way i can accomplish that? Cheats, mods, anything
  2. Ok, so ive been playing xdivision for the past week and ive got to ask a few things First of all its awesome, even tho its really brutally hard. How do you deal with alien bases early in the game? I have Division guns, jackal armor and defender "tank" and the aliens just took one of my bases ... I went there with my best 8 man squad and a defender and found it next to impossible to advance within the base. How do you beat their bases? Is it even possible at this tech level or do I need to ignore them initially? Also, how do you make money in here? It seems to me that ufo crashsites produce next to nothing and selling the various resources seems counter productive. When should I be going after terror missions ideally? I've tried a few of them at different points in the game and i failed horribly. There are way too many aliens and they usually have discs (sorry idk how they are called) and tanks and the like ...
  3. rapsody

    What mod would you suggest

    Oh i see, thanks. I will try out X-Division and see how that one goes.
  4. Hi, Its been a while since I last played xenonauts and recently got the urge to replay it and thought of installing some mods (other than the ones that come with XCE). What would you suggest? X-Division and Xenonauts X-Pansion pack seems big, i never played those ... dunno if there are other overhaul mods out there. I like quality variety (more weapons, armor, vehicle, aliens etc) but I hate filler content that is there just to make a nice number (like "we got 190289403 weapons etc etc" which are only reskins of themselves). I understand that overhaul mods tend to ... well, overhaul the game but, do these 2 mods change the game at its core, change the lore and/or game mechanics? Suggestions? (it doesnt have to be those 2 mods i listed)
  5. rapsody

    quick question

    Nevermind, figured it out. Sorry for useless post.
  6. rapsody

    quick question

    Howdy all I have one small stupid question, how exactly do you install both balance and setting to be used at the same time? I was about to edit the XCE files manually so they have the various features that balance and setting enables but i was wondering if there was another way so i dont mess with the files myself. EDIT: oh yeah, forgot to mention, im not on steam, i have the gog version