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  1. -So I did some more testing for the accuracy numbers, and I think I found what the route of my confusion is. See below: I tested the hit chance% without smoke but with an intervening object, and I got 60 x .38 x .7= 15.96%=16%. This also made sense, so intervening objects probably wasn't the issue. See below: I tested the original shot again just with the extra smoke and the x1.00 for smoke did not make sense. If the x1.00 was correct and taken literally, then the original hit chance% should not have changed whatsoever. This has to mean that either the multiplication symbol or the number in front of it is incorrect somehow. I think I got to a point where I know what the issue is now. I think that 1.00 - intervening smoke= hit chance multiplier. I tested here and 1.00 -1.00= x0, which will make the hit chance% 0%. I also tested it with my previous issue and I got good results. See below: 1.00 - .60= x.40 hit chance multiplier. 45 x 1.20 x .70 x .40= 15.12%=15%. The fix here should be the same as what you guys did with Intervening objects. It should be portrayed as: x.40 Intervening Smoke (60%). I also noticed that the Target Crouch Modifier and target defense seen in the June update was missing from this demo. I'm wondering if this is a bug or if those two were intentionally removed. I think that crouching should have some effect on hit chance%; it just makes logical sense and it feels unintuitive to think that it would not effect hit chance% in some way. I'll probably come with some more feedback soon. I didn't expect to lab hit chance% so much lol.
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