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    I may have been answering your question, but my reply wasn't actually aimed at you - I'm well aware that you're not going to agree with what I'm saying, as your stance has always essentially been that we should add as much realism and complexity as possible irrespective of the consequences. The reply was for other people who might have been wondering the same thing and might be less opinionated on the topic. It doesn't surprise me that you disagree that putting key information in a sub-menu rather than having it accessible on the main screen is in any way more complex or more cumbersome than having it accessible directly, but it's a well-established principle of UI and is the exact reason why things like desktop shortcuts were created 20 years ago. I obviously don't think any players would fail to understand how a dropdown worked but it would definitely make the screen harder to use. What you're therefore advocating is that we make gameplay worse for the 80% of players that don't play mods so that modders have the flexibility to add a more detailed system post-release. Any serious mod is probably going to be built on the foundations of X2:CE, which is an opt-in product, so I'll let them (or us in a DLC) worry about switching the display to a dropdown. Then hardcore players get to have the toys that they want without making life harder for everyone else who doesn't want that level of complexity, which I think is a happy middle ground for everyone.