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Thread: [v13] Aircombat: Game closes if I press retreat in air combat

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    [v13] Aircombat: Game closes if I press retreat in air combat

    In any aerial engagement, if I click on retreat, the game closes.

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    I currently have the same issue (with pairs of F-17 v scout), I also found that If I ran out of fuel and hit retreat the game crashed.
    Could be related but recently I had a Mig-32 and a larger scout attack each other and my rockets hit the same time as the scouts lasers hit my mig. Both craft were destroyed and it froze then crashed to desktop.

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    Just to add my tuppence

    3 F-17 v 3 fighters. F-17 damaged badly enough, and with 1 fighter remaining I wanted it out of combat. Single F-17 selected and pressed retreat on the RHS ship graphic. Immediate CTD.
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    Same thing in Mac version. Lone Mig 32 vs. lone scout. Retreated. Crash. Crash report sent to

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