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  1. I understand 1) and maybe you can change the tile size and show some pictures here. Just to see what impact that will have. But I won't press you to do so With 2) I may have an understanding problem, not what you said, but how it is possible to not see where you can go or not. I mean, when you see a battle zone map the very first time, you will not know what is what. It was so for X1. I did not know that units can't go over walls, through bushes or pass the grassy bump next to the roads. And in the UFOs a lot of structures exist where you can not see where your soldier could go and hide. But you know that once you have tried it. So I guess it will be the same here. And furthermore yoou will have the cursor that goes red or so to tell you there is no path. I admit in a real time game you would need to see that at a glance more desperately, but even then no guarantee. In Arma 2 (I know poor comparison) you thought your tank can drive through the desert easily, but then stop dead at a fence or flip over at mid-sized pebble if drifting over it. But in a turn based game you can plan with your cursor. Maybe I have to see or experience that myself.
  2. ...and when they find something and want to investigate further they call it "XCOM Initiative" and then a team will be gathered to research and....OK I stop now.
  3. I haven't played the free public build yet, due to lack of time, but I want to comment on the maps. Yes they look great already, with its detail and the feel for reality in the textures. However, it looks a bit blocky. What I mean is the knife-cut edge of the river and the terrain level change. Some piles of rock are blurring that at some spots but in general it is blocky. Do you plan to change that? Such cliff-like terrain level change maybe OK for some maps but not for everything. Sorry to say, it looks a bit of a cheap solution. It will not stop me from playing, but...yeah. On a side note, will the water flow? Grass moving and sand and dust blowing in the wind? Would give the maps a lively touch. I think here in the way of "Divinity: Original Sin" Comming christmas holidays, I will definitely try the public build then.
  4. The final mission has an inifinite number of reapers or not? I can't find it anymore, but someone in this forum (former version) did made tests of how long he can survive the flood of reapers. There were screenshots with hundreds of dead reaper coprses.
  5. Ok, I have recognized that all the little things the lionks too, especially not the dot. I understood it to be just flagged as thread with new content. I did browse manually to what I wanted to read before I tried the "Activity" options. I guess I have to live with it for some time to get accustomed to these functions. Didn't want to create such a wave sorry. What I meant was to see page 62 with the last post on top of the list when I go to that thread.
  6. Really? Try going to one of the X-division threads is like: See there are 62 pages > click on "go to post" > click in entry field > type in 62 and return > wait until page is loaded > scrolldown to bottom 5 clicks, and typing a number and scrolling OR See there are 62 pages > click multiple times on ">>" to go to page 62 and wait all the time the page is loaded > scrolldown to bottom many clicks and scrolling And no, I have to do that everytime I go in a thread. Yes this is possible, but now imagine you want to read the last posts on more than one thread... ANNOYING. I am just annoyed by this "modern way of" clickfest just to get a more streamlined look, which means to remove buttons just to have a clean screen. Usability is lost then.
  7. Meh...uncomfortable. Expected to sort the forum with an option in the heading row together with page selection and "got to page...". The former formum had this option also in the profile settings somewhere, but all that is gone.
  8. Ok, got that with the preview icon, that was what I missed with the "advanced mode". But I can't sort this forum with "newest first", or I am too blind to find it... The option under "Activity", top right icon on the screen shows a new listed view with ALL new post of all subforums.
  9. I miss the customization options for the forum. I'd like to see threads with the newest post first, quite annoying to click to that icon...and wait while ist is loading now (duh). Edit: No "advanced mode" for post anymore? And no "preview function" too?
  10. Their budget goal was reached today, hooray!!! 48h still to go...Bonus time!
  11. Just want to spread some info about this game in development at kickstarter. "InSomnia RPG is a dystopia carried out in a murky, retrofuturistic style. The game takes place on a colossal, semi-deserted interplanetary space station. Having left their dying planet behind, this space metropolis, along with its inhabitants, has been moving towards the distant, ghost-like Evacuation Point for the past 400 years, where the descendants of the once great people hope to start over the history of mankind." A bit like Fallout, with exploration, some quests, crafting and survival (?) in a heavily weared down SciFi environment or more like the junkyard of it. The graphics look fantastic in my eyes. Kickstarter-page Here you can find a playable demo Yes I am hyped. Yes I pledged on kickstarter. And no, I am not affiliated to them.
  12. "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder" is an old Greek saying by Plato or some other guy. When I read this: I shudder inside with pictures of rainbow-color-paletteously, chewing-gum-fantastic, Warcraft-like comic-book graphics that are too typically nowadays to portrait "futuristic" environment. (I know that Warcraft and "future" are biting each other here).Satellite Reign has that approach too, although the mood is a bit differently. I could have written this on the Firaxis forum for X-COM2: "..don't expect X-COM 2 to look as good as Xenonauts", but I didn't. There are people who likes this and then there are those who like something else. The picture that Chris posted is a good example: I think it is a stupid style, simplistic water-color Kindergarten in every graphical way. Boring to look at despite the intension of the artist. Others like it, I don't. I guess Plato was right. On Xenonauts: In respect to the game setting the graphical presentation of Xenonauts (1) was really great, in my eyes. I loved the hand drawn art and the look of the 2D animations. Everything was a neutral mood and in lack of a word...non-chearfully, fitting to the 70's setting and the alien terror. Yes the overall gameplay did not convey this as much, but the art could compensate a lot for me. And there was even a (visual) mod that dragged everything down even more. More dark, more depressing, more sinister mood themed. I guess it was from Skitso. Ah and yes: Hire Skitso for mapping!
  13. Yes, I am really interested in this. Will go pre-release or even earlier with you, no problem. You know why? I trust you. Not like the "other company" where I will wait for at least a year after release to buy anything from them. Why? With Xenonauts you excelled in being a close listener to the community and things changed in reasonable time and with reasonable explanations. Even if you did not do anything that I wanted to be changed, there was always a good reason for it that you expressed well. I trust you to be the same here. Three cheers.
  14. @kabil Maybe all the little explanations are there. As I just watched Lets-Plays only it might be lost to me. The 20 years was afaik announced after the tutorial mission when you (the commander) are updated to your new/old position. However it just feels stupid to not even have ADVENT technology or anything better than ballistics. @MasterZelgadis Overall agree with your thoughts on time limits. Crawling-through is not what I want, some time limits ar ok; like bombs to defuse, rescue missions or if certain things need to be brought quickly to safety (live organs, computer codes that becomes invalid, living biotech etc.). Starting the timer with the initial combat would totally explain it and will go well with the guerilla theme. However a timer does not mean to end the mission directly. Maybe backup comes in more and more with time. You can take it only for so long then you have to leave. No dead end failure because a number reaches zero. I understand what drages means...though I don't care so much (am already burnt here with X-Com1) And why not compare XCOM with the original? The original was named X-COM. They have choosen the name to have a connection. If they want to cash in some credibilities and breath some ghost of the legend here then they damn well have to observe some obligations.
  15. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your competitor (?). I do not have XCOM2 and do not plan to buy it unless it will be at least one year old. Not because of special sale, but due to the typically not-avoidable-bugs of 2K/Firaxis Games. I was furiously enraged from XCOM1 (and Civ5 before) and their inability and/or unwillingness of react/answer to customer complains about not-running software that were bought for full price. However, I have watched a couple of Lets-Plays and read some reviews from on Steam and elsewhere and found most of my doubts about the game confirmed in some way. I don't want to go into details here, it is my opinion and it is biased in some way... Although I don't think bugs will ever be rooted out prior release anymore nowadays, I think it is a sad trend... Before the internet, a game came out in a box. You had to install it and it worked. Don't want to say that all was good back then, now you much more choice on games and better availability, but unplayable games were rare. Now nearly every game has those issues. "ARK:Survival Evolved" was a nice exception, unfinished but playable. As an engineer I know about quality control, but in software this seems to be of lesser importance, because of the "you can always fix later" attitude; definitely against my nature. Now what I think is really annoying about XCOM2, and what I hope will not enter Xenonauts2 in any way: - "Trivialize the tactical game" as Chris said above with artificial round limits. Yes it can add some stress level, which I see valid with bomb timers, but not when choosing your own way to plan other missions. It is not logical when having the rebel character and guerilla tactics in mind. You have few ressources, have to hide, capture essential technology and avoiding direct contact. Why time limits? So you have to play the game in only one way, not your own. Stealth does not help here as I have seen a lot. Consequence: Low replayability! The tactical game was the core of the ground combat in the original game and Xenonauts1. Here it is watered down dramatically. Please don't weaken the tactical game to some easy solutions like that. - Logical errors XCOM2 is 20 years after the first, ok. The current XCOM organisation says that they hide and keep on working hiddenly since then, ok. But your soldiers beginn with the same ballistic weapons as before!! Where are the inventions like plasma guns from the past? Confiscated? Could be but not mentioned. Lost? Possible but not mentioned. Impossible to rebuild? Definitly not! Even if it is not possible to achieve all components, the least start would be to have similar weapons like Advent. There are more stupids like that... Please maintain a reasonable chain of events and decissions during the game, even if you don't use Xenonauts1 as a prequel.