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[21 E3] Crashed When Selecting New Soldier Class

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Not sure why this happened as I've already created two classes at my main base and selected them before in this campaign with no problems but upon creating my latest one it crashed. This is briefly what happened.

I sent over 2 soldiers from my first base in the middle east to my new central american base containing no soldiers.

When my 2 soldiers arrived in the central american base I went to the soldier equip screen inside that base and selected them in the unassigned area.

I clicked on a soldier and first assigned his equipment as the default equipment for the current class he was in (which was a custom class I'd created earlier).

I then clicked on the second soldier and assigned their equipment as default as well, that soldier was in the default sniper class.

I clicked back on the first soldier then tried to create a new custom class with him, I selected the Grenade symbol to be the class icon and I named it Base Crusher then ok'd it.

At that point I tried to select the newly made class with that soldier and then the game crashed.

Let me know if you want any more information.

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