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[v19 Stable - Geoscape & Ground Combat] Display Issues & Application-Switching Crash

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I've had a gaggle of display-related issues, since starting Xenonauts, which I'll list below, in order of severity, from show-stopping crash, to nitpicking a menu:

1) While running the game in windowed mode, switching to another application and back to Xenonauts causes a severe crash. I have encountered this crash, when coming back to Xenonauts after loading a ground combat mission and after completing a ground combat mission. There's no error report or message, just a frozen screen and no ability to provide any input to the computer, until I hold the power button for a hard shutdown. As long as I don't switch out of and back to Xenonauts, I can proceed past these screens without issue.

2) Fonts scale oddly with screen resolution. In most applications, when reducing screen resolution, fonts appear larger, because they are composed of the same number of pixels on a screen with fewer total pixels stretched across it. In Xenonauts, when you reduce screen resolution, fonts get blurrier, because they use fewer pixels in an attempt to remain the same size. This results in text becoming unreadable at low screen resolutions, which is why I rate this as more severe than some of the issues below.

3) Fonts are very tiny to begin with. (This admittedly isn't a necessarily a bug, but it's a decision related to the above bug.) Normally, when I hear a complaint like this, I have a chuckle at the expense of the old person in the room. Still, I find myself squinting at the options menu, topic descriptions in the research screen, etc.

4) In full screen mode, the game overrides the refresh rate set in Windows. I play most of my games at 1280x960, at which resolution, my monitor supports an 85Hz refresh rate. Xenonauts forces a refresh rate of 60Hz at 1280x960 and 1152x864. On an LCD, that might be fine, but on my old CRT, that's a recipe for eyestrain. (At 1024x768, Xenonauts will allow an 85Hz refresh rate, but most of the text is illegible at that resolution.)

5) Four-to-three ratio resolutions in the options menu are not what they purport to be. In full-screen, the game will be letterboxed to a 16:9 ratio, and in windowed mode, the game window will be reduced in size to a 16:9 ratio, matching the chosen width (ex. 1152x864 selected resolution will result in a window of 1152x648). I understand that the interface art (which looks beautiful, by the way) is all drawn for 16:9 aspect ratios, but 4:3 fullscreen resolutions should have an indication that they will be letterboxed, and windowed resolutions should indicate what the actual size of the window will be.

Brief System Specs:

Intel Core i7 930


ATi Radeon HD6900

Game installed and running from a 2TB RAID 0 array

64-bit Windows 7

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