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[v19 Stable/Steam Push] - Battle - Using medkits through large props breaks priority

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If the user decides to use a medkit on another soldier, but that soldier has been placed behind a large prop which has gained transparency, then the medikit's use does not know to prioritze the prop, or person.

As you can see in the attached image, attempting to use a medkit on a person behind a large tree had the medkit prioritizing the tree rather than the person behind it.

Medkit doesn't function well with transparent props..jpg

Steps to reproduce:

1) Enter any map with large props and at least two soldiers, with one who has a medkit.

2) Let one soldier get damaged by an enemy, then move that soldier "behind" a large prop, as in, in position where the prop goes transparent.

3) Move the soldier with the medkit next to the injured soldier and attempt to use the medkit on the injured soldier.

4) Notice that the targeting priority of the medkit is on the prop, not the soldier for every pixel that is covered. If the soldier is completely covered by the prop, they cannot be healed.

(Seriously, I lost good men to this bug!)

Suggestions to resolve:

1) Remove ability to target props at all when using medkit.

2) Increase priority on PC's/NPC's when targeting, while lowering priority of props.

Also, this is a general thing too. I mean, it happens with guns. In the 2nd attached image, I was attempting to target the Sebillian who was "behind" a tree, and the game kept wanting to target the tree.

targeting priority behind trees.jpg

Also, I really only did this on this one map, so it might just be these trees, but I doubt it.

Medkit doesn't function well with transparent props..jpg

targeting priority behind trees.jpg



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Adding more detail, other observations.
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