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[V18 - Base Management] After decomissioning vehicle, game crashed, IM save corrupted

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So, this sad tale involves a mission gone wrong, a ghost tank and the end of my Iron Man dreams.

After a ground combat session deriving from a crashed UFO in which all but 1 person of team survived to run away, I went back to base to regroup and draft more soldiers. Thing is: the tank which was destroyed during the mission was there, as if it was never used, but occupying 2 slots in my dropship.

Upon trying to remove it from the ship, the game would just ignore my command, leaving it there. So I decided to decomission it, so that I could open space for 2 more soldiers. Just after I confirmed decomissioning, the game crashed.

When I tried to reload the savegame, which was an Iron Man one, the game crashed again. And now it's doing it every time.

I have no idea of what happened, but here is the save game:


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