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[V11.3 Ground Combat] CTD loading save

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Description: Loading save file leads to crash.

What happened: Loading the first autosave of the missions start crashes to desktop. Save attached.

Further Information: This was my first mission with these "robot" enemies.

  1. Ground Combat mission start (autosave groundcombat-162.json file created)
  2. Shooting (with three different xenonauts) on the first enemy sighted (Andron). First time that Andron accured.
  3. Killed it, it blew everything around up - BUT the body remeined there (screenshot).
  4. Wanted to reload the game to do it better
  5. Loading goes up to 98% then the music stops and the crash happens
    Loading groundcombat-162.json crashes every time, reproducable

Everything above was just in the first turn of the mission.

Both, the ground combat file that leads to crash is attached as well as the latest strategic save before entering the GC.






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