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Campaign review replay recordings feature

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((I am not entire certain what this feature could be called in this case, hence the topic-title looks more of just collection of search-words.))
Originally this suggestion started as an off-tangent in regards to "free-camera"-question on this thread where was a request for more zoom-levels:
The main-text:

Why there has been no replay-file features in any "campaign-strategy"-games especially the "4eX"-markets?
((If there is at least one, I am simply not aware this/these games.))

Like we have graphs and "event"-recording sure and maybe occasional battle-replay-files like say with (wonky) "Xcom 2 (2016)"-devkit.
But no replay-files which would cover the whole campaign itself.

Considering most games in non-real-time-strategy-games are already keeping records turn-by-turn-basis in form of (more or less) frequently written save-files, this really baffles me
((By "non-real-time", I basically mean the opposite of "actions-per-second"-based "real-time-strategy"-games of which majority of multiplayer-focused ones have replay-features)).

In fact, "replays" basically should just be more detailed "reviews" of the completed / finished campaigns:
Like for example: Instead of just showing "here in this maybe-general-area the aliens got a lot of points", it would show exactly what the "Team Alien" did and where and when
( here I am somewhat heavily referencing to "charts/score"-system in the Mythos Games-made "(Open)Xcom/-games" which certainly would be more enhanced with a replay-feature;
like there is already a "thing" in background saying E.G. "the aliens are doing a scouting mission on this landmass" but so far there no way to have this "message" being "printed" for us players to read especially once the campaign is over).

So maybe "Xenonauts 2" could be the revolutionary-title here;
but not necessarily right from get-go.
But especially with the help of evidently talented community-edition-coders,
(or rather good coders in general)
I'd say this should not be an impossibility to at least some sort of "save-log-file-parser" or something else which one could use go back-and-forth even during the "mid-gameplay" to analyze better what has happened;
I mean this is also to consider that for example "Sheepy" did already code a "Battlescape-log-recording-prettifier" few years ago:


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