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Suggestion: air combat 'sim'/'practise mode'

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Learning air combat in Xenonauts 1 is harder than it should be. There is barely any tutorialisation which is strange for such an important (and fun) part of the game. Even if one learns the theory from YouTube videos or whatever there is no way to practise without (sometimes pretty bad) consequences. Not to mention practising with different friendly and enemy squadron compositions, starting 'angles' and so on.

What usually happens is that more casual players (i.e. not the hardcore fans on this forum) autoresolve until it becomes untenable in mid-late game. They probably assume that autoresolving will work well throughout the entire campaign given the right squadron composition- after all that's how it's been so far, right? Mid-late game is a terrible time to start practising.

So I suggest that y'all look into adding a simple 'air combat sim'/'practise arena' to Xenonauts 2. Don't lose sight of the new or more casual players who will be confused asf. Remember, someone can be a big classic x-com fan but still be stumped by the air combat. Thanks for listening to my ted talk.

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