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[X:CE 0.35] Bases Revamped (0.1)


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Rebalance mod created to make base building less straightforward and bring some depth into the geoscape part.

Funding rebalance provided to make more starting positions viable:
- Cut off funding from the North Africa/Europe/Middle East/USSR region
- North America starts with higher relationship value and yields a bit more of money
- Indochina and Australia now yield significantly more money and their funding is much more relationship-dependent

Economy and radar/aircraft tweaks to force the player to build more bases:
- Radar range has been reduced from 800/1000/1200 to 600/750/900
- Buildings upkeep (except labs, workshops and medical centers) was halved
- Storeroom and garage building cost was halved, hangar building cost was increased 2x
- Condor/Foxtrot/Corsair/Marauder range reduced 1.5x, upkeep reduced to 50k/50k/50k/75k
- Charlie range reduced from 48k to 18k

Upkeep prices reduced to match the increased necessity in building new bases.

The mod is not supposed to make the game harder or easier, just more deep. If you've seen something broken by the mod, please let me know.

It's possible to load old saves (see Known bugs section), but you'll probably need to start new game due to the geoscape changes.

Known bugs:
- Sometimes it's not possible to interact with the map or base layout after the save loading. Solution: close and reopen the game, start a new game, place the first base and load an old save. The bug is not unique, it may depend on mods you are using.

Possible issues:
- It's possible, that mod may break balance on Veteran/Insane levels -- reduced radar range at your only base increases the element of "bad luck" in UFO's first rolls, and keeping relationships first month may be noticeably harder. This moment needs further testing. If you've played with the mod and found, that the game balance was broken -- please, let me know.

Possible further changes:
- I'd like to decrease radar range more (down to 500/625/750), but I doubt that it will bring more fun due to the complications with the UFO's tracking and interceptions. If you have any suggestions -- share them here.

Steam Workshop

Bases Revamped.zip

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