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[X:CE 0.35] Miscellany

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Hi, now I'm playing xenonauts with x:ce 0.35 and I'm going in the middle-end of the game.
I hope there is some gap in the next update for the translate in Spanish and these issues, suggestions:

-Spanish translate 1.65 + XCE 0.35
-Into Missions. Burst animation in heavy machine gun should keep more time shooting, in these moments has the same animation time as a one-shot weapon.
-Into Missions. Alien captured with life. should appear a message that he has been captured alive.
-Into Missions. There is no indication that he is inside and keeps the 5 turns a UFO. Maybe a count down.
-Into Missions. The weapons slots are highlighted with yellow edge, but the grenades do not.
-BASE. Cient/Engineers/Interceptors. When you hire a Cient/Engineers/Interceptors you do not see the hours of come, perhaps you should see the movement of items in two places:
1. In your own room
2. Storeroom.
Maybe a column of ETA:


-BASE. When you transfer items from base to base, You do not see the ETA.
-BASE. Vehicles, they always come back intact. Maybe some days of repair.
-BASE. Soldier Equipament. Soldier no salary cost/month does not appear. Although it's 5k but maybe it should be random.
-BASE. Soldier Equipament. The selection of soldiers can not be seen if it is a red or black. maybe make it transparent or a framework:

07.seleccion no se ve rojo.jpg
-BASE. Soldier Equipament. Soldiers when they have a health less than 50 percent are placed outside the tranport and their equipment is unsettled. they only keep the role correctly, the rest is random.
-BASE. Storeroom. there is no clear distinction of wallscreen or text, when there is a Storeroom build, no build and other without articles.
-GEOSCAPE. In most popups the name of the base should appear, where that info has occurred.
-GEOSCAPE. When a popup appears would go at more slow speed GEOSCAPE, do not keep the desired speed as super fast.
-GEOSCAPE. There is no info bottom, when infantry recover from injuries. Only when ships are recovered.
-MAP. Cruiser (this a very annoying bug). The cruiser presents several problems:
1. The roof is not revealed and the ground floor remains black:

2. Ultimate floor when there are xenosaunts and they rebel the room, there is an object that is overlap and also the xeno:

3. Outside near the fuselage, this remains behind:

04.Cruiser bug_et detras.jpg
-MAP.Medium and Big UFO overlap to xenonauts:

-MAP.Train overlap to xenonauts:




Imo is a great game very well balanced, very long as it should be. pure xcom classic, great work among all.

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