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Something that came to mind, why not have one of the alien races use telekinesis in Battle?

Instead of the usual rifles they could have a kind of pellet ammo that works especially well with TK to achieve

good damage, like a mini plasma grenade that would function the same as a shot from a plasma rifle.

Instead of the usual mind control/panic they could suspend a target and prevent movement, or be tricky and

disarm the target or drop the clip out of rifle that's being aimed at them.

For harder difficulties they could just pull the pin on a grenade that's being carried by one of our soldiers, though that's probably a bit too evil.

Any thoughts from someone else?

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For harder difficulties they could just pull the pin on a grenade that's being carried by one of our soldiers, though that's probably a bit too evil.

another mission that kills your squad in the Chinook... yes, that does seem to be a bit too evil.

My inderstanding is that the aliens will have some psionic powers, and it's just the humans who won't (until modded hopefully)

Interesting to see you take the TK right the way through their choice of equipment and tactics. Sometimes the standard ballistic weapons are a better option than the advanced tech is an decent spin.

For pellet weapons you could use one of the basic weapons (as there's little hope of any new wepaons considering the amount of work)

Preventing movement was usually a result of Panic - where the APs would go to 0 for the round.

Disarming the target was a result of mind control - force the target to drop their weapons and mvoe them around to your whims.

Levitating your foe may actually give them information about the battlescape that you wouldn't have wanted. Although it's a fine way of removing them from cover. Again, this could be done through mind control.

Another aspect of TK is the ability to explode objects. Nothing would need to be added to the mechanics, but once selected the unit would be able to effect an explosive attack, the extent of which is up to game balance - grenade or something stronger?

Pyrokinesis would also work wihtin the current animations - simply cause a fire to begin in a chosen square.

Remote Viewing - would enable the removal of a fog of war. Or simply provide the alien with greater than usual sight across the map.

Telepathy - would enable aliens to communicate regarding the enemy units they have spotted for more turns than usual.

So, lots of scope for psionics in the game, witout having to invent a great deal.

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