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Xenoscape v1.0a - Alternative Music Mod


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Hey all, just letting people know that I released the first version of Xenoscape, a simple mod that's designed to add and replace the music in the game.

I loved the Xenonauts game from start to finish, but thought that it could've probably used a more distinct atmosphere for it music-wise. Since I've recently been making electronic music anyway, thought it might be interesting to try modding a game with it as its background.

This is the first time I tried anything like this (usually I tend to focus on live performances only) and it's a work-in-progress experiment of sorts, but would love to hear what people think. As mentioned below, the style is sort of a mix of IDM, ambient, and a jam band -- I think taste-wise it's a pretty niche thing, but thought it might fit the sort of eerie, weird atmosphere of the game itself. Most of the tracks are improvised on a ROLI Seaboard in a very weird way, so the sound has a kind of "raw" quality to it that you normally wouldn't get from traditional recording techniques.

The mod has over 3.5 hours of music in it, so it's pretty large. (~400MB) If you play very quickly (or like to save/reload a lot :P), there's a good chance that you might not even get to the end of a lot the tracks. Hoping this will increase immersion, if anything. It's been a pain trying to get it on the Steam Workshop because of its size limitations but it'll be up there as soon as I figure out a workaround.

Looking forward to Xenonauts 2, by the way! Hoping that the game will continue to support the modding community for the next release.

FYI - I've been having issues with volume control in-game...it doesn't seem like the "volume" parameter in the sounds and sounds_gc files are always responsive. If it becomes a major issue I try for another update, but we might leave it if it doesn't bother people that much. Let me know if you think there's anything that can be done.

Description and links here:

Xenoscape is an original music add-on mod for Xenonauts, designed to replace and change the atmosphere of the game throughout its gameplay. Most of the tracks are longer than the play-duration of each setting (Air Combat finishes in under a minute, usually, but the track goes on for much longer) for increased immersion.

The style is a mix of 80s cheese-synths, IDM, ambient music, and improv. If you enjoy jam bands you might like this mod, since most of it is improvised!!


3 Air Combat Tracks

4 Geoscape Tracks

3 Day Combat Tracks

3 Night Combat Tracks

Main Menu Track

YouTube Playlist:



If you enjoyed the music and would like to support the lab, like the YouTube videos and subscribe to our YouTube channel, and stream the music directly from the site at any time. The channel will be periodically updated for new projects and musics in the works!


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