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Do volume controls for music files actually work?


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I've been trying to mod the music files and been having some issues with normalizing and balancing the audio files in relation to the game. I've normalized the music files themselves to a standardized -3dB and they sound all pretty even, but I've noticed that in-game the volume levels seem to be all over the place.

In the sounds_gc.xml the code is listed as such:

  <General>   <Sound name="GC Music" volume="0.7" group="2" comment="Music played during the GC missions">     <Wave>audio/music/Ground Combat Day 1.ogg</Wave>     <Wave>audio/music/Ground Combat Day 2.ogg</Wave> <Wave>audio/music/Ground Combat Day 3.ogg</Wave>   </Sound>   <Sound name="GC Music Night" volume="0.7" group="2" comment="Music played during the GC night missions">     <Wave>audio/music/Ground Combat Night 1.ogg</Wave>     <Wave>audio/music/Ground Combat Night 2.ogg</Wave>     <Wave>audio/music/Ground Combat Night 3.ogg</Wave>   </Sound>   <!-- It is possible to have per-tileset music by apending " - <tilesetname>" to name, e.g. "GC Music Night - town" -->

In sounds.xml (not sure why it's separated like this, but it is what it is, I guess):

<Sound name="MainMenumusic" volume="0.7" repeattime="0" group="2" comment="BGM for the main menu.">   <Wave>audio/music/Main Menu.ogg</Wave> </Sound> <Sound name="Geomusic" volume="0.7" repeattime="0-1" group="2" comment="BGM for the geoscape.">   <Wave>audio/music/Geoscape 1.ogg</Wave>   <Wave>audio/music/Geoscape 2.ogg</Wave>   <Wave>audio/music/Geoscape 3.ogg</Wave> </Sound> <Sound name="AirCombatMusic" volume="1.0" repeattime="0-1" group="2" comment="Played while the air combat lasts.">     <Wave>audio/music/Air Combat 1.ogg</Wave> </Sound>

I've been adjusting the volume levels in these files, with my in-progress mod as the highest priority, but the volume controls doesn't seem to have any effect. The air combat music sounds too soft and the night combat music in particular sounds so loud that it's been causing clipping issues in-game. When I looked at the original music files, it seems like whoever did the music for it went around the problem by normalizing each sound file differently (compressed like hell for Air Combat, really soft for Ground Combat Night), which isn't really a good solution.

Not sure if there's a fix for this -- if it's an issue with the modding process or the game itself. Can anyone confirm that this is in fact a bug? I've set the volume to 0 for some of them with no effect. Not sure if it's the game, or an issue on my end that I need to fix.

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