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Bugs so far noticed on my first play through


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Playing 'vanilla' version with mods: map packs, dynamic UFO spawns

1. Major one - game consistently crashes to desktop when attempting to rearrange troops on dropship. Happening on Charlie - when I go into troop placement screen most of them do not appear inside the dropship, though as I mouseover different empty looking tiles, there are tooltips showing up.

Left clicking on these 'invisible' soldiers results in CTD. Result of bug is that it is extremely chance to use tanks, as said tank is by default positioning toward rear of the dropship, where it can't get out until all the soldiers..

2. Really annoying due to immersion breaking - empty weapons keep reloading if placed in backpack. On next turn weapon will usually be loaded. Making use of this seems like cheating, trying to work around it 'fairly' makes me waste a lot of time unloading and dropping these 'phantom' clips and rockets.

3. Several cases of aliens shooting through walls. One time had an alien shoot a plasm cannon round through the front cabin of the Charlie dropship, which passed through 2 walls and killed almost everyone inside.

4. One time had a mission on which all heavy gun ammo that was in backpacks started at 66%.

5. There is no way to configure the game to go to lowest speed on geo-view when a grey event happens. It's just strange that Xenonaut command understand that when a UFO is picked up on radar, one might want to start dealing with it and gives a choice to go to slowest speed, but when a UFO shoots down an airliner just outside radar range, that only merits a note in the log.

6. Strength does not grow according to description of manual/config. After a certain point ~mid 70s, loading soldiers to full encumbrance no longer trains them, and only overloaded soldiers are able to rise in strength.

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