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[Hello] Geoscape Zoom-Res?


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Brand new player to Xenonauts but have played XCOM since Amiga and I am glad to meet this game's acquaintance - something about it just feels right.

I'm half-way through intercepting UFO-02 and there's one item of feedback I wish to share immediately (whilst it's fresh - for either persuasion or information purposes).

Within seconds of hitting the geoscape for the first time, one of my impressions were:

Why the hell can't I zoom in further?

For some reason, I wish to be able to. Badly enough to mention, it seems. Is this perhaps one of those very-easy done things - to address?

It's arguably negligible to game-play, but it wouldn't be a bad idea if you could zoom in further and watch your blips flyby quicker across the terrain. What kind of difficulties might be involved in adding further resolution to the geoscape?

If there be a suggestion area move this there if you wish. I advocate the ability to use the scroll wheel to eventually zoom 'all the way' into your scape (at least to the point where you would struggle to pan across with clicking and dragging or cursor keys to keep up with even your slowest blips).

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