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Found 3 results

  1. One thing I've never seen in an X-Com style game is fighter pilots getting better at shooting down enemy aircraft. A leveling/management system for fighter pilots would be nice.
  2. I think it would ad much more dept to the game. Like They could have skills in speed, afterburner speed/fuel consompsion, evade, targeting range, repair/refuel time, range etc... Don't jugde my poor english. And great game, loveing it.
  3. Yeah I know what I suggest here will be quite hard to put into the game. Still, a man has his dream *O* In the old XCOM, HWP role is simple - a powerhouse that can take hits for you wand having powerful weapon to blast those annoying aliens. Not to mention they are great to have in base defense mission too. However that's all, it's only a vehicle that you can manufacture. There's nothing else with it other then make it, equipping it with weapon and that's all. I really wish Xenonaut would take it a little farther than that so the vehicle system become a new and fun system to enjoy too. My imagination of a deep vehicle system would be like this. 1] Soldiers able to pilot vehicles, and each vehicle must have one soldier that pilot it. That means a new stat for soldier - Maneuver Maneuver is the stat that affects how well a soldier can control his vehicle and of course it goes up by using the vehicle a lot. Each vehicle have a base stat - Movement, Hit%, Health, Defense, Evade%, .v.v. and such and these stats can be boosted by the pilot Maneuver. And each vehicle require a certain maneuver to control them. For example the basic Hunter have a Maneuver requirement of 50. That mean almost all of the soldier can control it at first. However with high Maneuver [80 for example], the Hunter will receive a bonus to all of its stat. And then at higher Maneuver it will receive even better [of course there is a cap at say, about 120% of the vehicle capability]. It can be either like this Hunter Requirement - 50 Maneuver Bonus I - 10% Hit, 10% Evade at 70 Maneuver Bonus II - 20% Health, 10% Movement at 90 Maneuver ... or we can just make it hidden and the stat inscrease at a percentage depend on the Maneuver requirement and the soldier's maneuver. Such as 50 maneuver is the requirement to control Hunter, but with each 2 more maneuver the stats is increase 1%, which mean a soldier with 80 Maneuver will control the Hunter with 115% efficiency. Of course each vehicle will have a different cap with later vihicle have highe Maneuver requirement and can reach higher cap in capacibility. Imagine the final most powerful Hover Tank will have a requirement Maneuver of 120 and can increse to 150% of its capacibility with an inhuman Maneuver stat of 220. 2] Now Soldier can leave/get in the vehicle in combat. For example there's an indoor mission where vehicle are utterly useless. You can let the soldier leave his vehicle away and join the combat or even only for helping / giving medication, throwing smoke grenade, etc. 3] Soldier can be killed while the vehicle is still usable. And vice versa vehicle can be disable while the soldier inside is still alive. 4] Alien have their HWP too. It's fair to assume that since their Sectoid have high mental strength they could just make an Alien Craft and put it in there to control as well as using it's psy-abilities, no ? And then there will be ways to kill the alien without damaging the craft too much to take back, research, reapair, etc or even pilot it after you kill the alien inside in combat.