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Found 1 result

  1. There s some stuff i would like to see to make the game more modern probably a lot of stuff have been saId. This is basicly about ground combat but it ll eventlually overflow on other aspects.of the game. Weaponry wise: - (yes i know dev are looking into it) Weapon add ons (No need to make a ton of them: just RIS). Scope (better long aim lower reflexes) or red dot (improve reflexes only "short" aim) for upper Laser marker Grenade launcher (HE only is ok) diferent kind of bullet: AP bullets (less damage/more penetration), Shredders/expanding bullets,....(So we can choose and load clips of them, exactly as grenade works in Xeno1.) Antimateriel rifles, submachine guns, and other categories that weren t included in Xeno 1 Personel equipment: Some kind of IR/NVG - even if it comes as advanced earth tech. - More nades funcionality "Cooked" explose on impact Not "cooked" explose at end of turn. Nade can be thrown at doors or object (wasn t able to throw C4 at ufo doors, had to be a near square) Gamewise improvements: - Before we reach exotic tech, or alien tech i would like to see a development advancement in these lines: availiable tech / Secret tech (advanced non exotic tech) / exotic earth tech/ Alien tech adapted. -------------------/ Use of alien weaponry collected (can use but not manufacture)/ Combat features: - Take a corner peep without full body exposure, alien can still have reaction fire - Take a corner shot exactly as above put some nasty penalty but leave it open - Possibility to lay down, decrease exposure, increase time shooting. and move layed down - Possibility to move crouched. - Possibility to thrown object someone else (like a medikit to someone cornered) Another thing i miss is Panicking Alines....yes in TFTD aliens could panic it wasn t easy but it was always a pleasant fun surprise. I think if "just" those are present i ll be happy,