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Found 1 result

  1. Michael13117

    Nightvision goggles

    This is something that I was a little confused wasn't added to the game, or an equivalent there of, Nightvision specs. Think, later on in the game, you're using power armor, and a plasma rifle, and you're reduced to throwing flares for light, why not add nightvision goggles? Not just free ones, researchable and buildable goggles that you equip onto your soldiers for night ops. Maybe even have it so the color of the screen changes to green for the character you select that is wearing them? I don't know if it sounds like a casual edition or not, but when I can have fighters that fire singularity bombs and wear flying power armor, I don't consider Nightvision goggles very OP. Just a thought, wanted your guy's opinion on it, and maybe to find someone who could possibly make this mod.