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Found 1 result

  1. In this topic, I propose to share ideas for improving air combat and other features of fighters. I do not know how difficult it is to implement the following ideas, but if it is possible, it will give you great opportunities to upgrade fighters. I suggest adding a weight parameter for fighters. It will affect maximum speed, turning speed, and the ability to use evasion. Depending on the current weight, you can make several levels of loading: - Low: Maximum flight speed, maximum turning speed, the fast use of evasion. - Medium: Reduced maximum speed, turning speed, slow evasion - High: Significantly reduced maximum speed, turning speed, inability to use evasion. This will give you opportunities for additional upgrade fighters. For example, improved engines: Increase the maximum available weight of the fighter. I also propose to change the restrictions on the types of fighter ammunition. So players can load what they need in each slot: Torpedoes, missiles, cannons . Depending on the type of fighter, you can change the number of available Weapon slots. I suggest the following changes: Angel - 2 slots Phantom - 3 Slots Fury - 4 slots Each type of weapon will have a weight proportional to its damage: For example, torpedoes are 2 times heavier than missiles. This will control their number. The amount of ammunition will be limited by the weight of the fighter. Therefore, the player will be able to choose what he needs: armor plates or additional missiles / torpedoes / ammunition for the cannon. This will greatly increase the tactical capabilities of the player. For example, player will be able to use a protected fighter to distract the enemy while light unprotected fighters attack.