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Found 3 results

  1. I heard about this game through Steam, saw that it was an early access game there and figured it was Steam-exclusive. Was excited anyway, bought it. Only to discover afterward that the same price would've bought me Humble/Desura + Steam, or a GoG.com copy of awesomeness. Unless Steam Cloud is ever planned for this game, I can't imagine a reason I would want to run it on Steam. Is there a way to get the Humble/Desura and/or GoG.com copies at a reduced price if you have a verifiable Steam purchase? I'd understand if there was a small fee, but surely it could be done somehow? Or do those lucky sods who buy there get Steam access for free, and I have to pay 20 for a DRM-free copy?
  2. I have read the article on the main page and it made me annoyed. I don't want to discuss the "moral" part of the discussion simply because I disagree with all parts of it. What I want to talk about, or rather add to the article are the sides of the piracy what were missed or left out. 1. People pirate at the principle. Now I believe that's a big chunk of pirates (me included) that do this. Lately we are continually lied and misled by big publishers and developers. "This is a great game adapted for PC" and you get 30 FPS capped blurred out, negative acceleration crap that is simple unplayable. How many times did that happen to you? Not to mention publishers nowadays will promise you anything just to sell the game. Another example would be XCOM Enemy unknown that just came out. "S.H.I.V can't shoot in battle? No problem, this is an older build and it was fixed in the latest version of the game" ..right. 2. People are dissatisfied with the quality and support of the game. XCOM EU example again. When did you visit their support forum last time? There are NO officials on the forum. Just visited the forum and one of the top post is "Has anyone seen a response to any thread in this forum?". I want to go back to that car analogy developers always bring out. I don't want to argue with "copy against stealing" point. That has been done to death. I'd like to bring out that when you get a car you also get WARRANTY. With a game you don't get money back or any kind of warranty what so ever. Would you buy a car without warranty? Retail price that is? A TV? Shoes? Let's even assume you said yes. What if 4 out of 5 pairs of shoes you bought previously were unsatisfactory? You know, one shoe was shorter than the other, the 100% Italian leather turned out to be artificial and the shoe laces had to be untied at all times or the shoe wouldn't even be wearable. 3. People don't buy into DLC business. Nobody wants to get the game and find out that you have to pay additional price to make the game complete. I bet the publishers took this concept out of the poker game. You know the situation when you put down a huge pot and the opponent makes a "gay bet" (very small bet). Even if you have bad cards you will call. This is called being committed. You paid $60 for the game already, additional 5 bucks is nothing, right? In most cases publishers will not let you know if the game will be DLC based or not. So pirates just get the game free, get DLCs, and then, if they like the game they buy GOTY release on sale. Now I was very surprised to see your stance on piracy. You seem to fail to see the bright side of it. Yes, the piracy hurts the big dogs out there who try to blindly sell crap to the customers. But piracy is a great tool for indie devs. Here is where I think piracy does good. a) Piracy is a QA tool on the PC market. It drives out big companies with bad product out of business creating opening for indie market. b) Piracy is great marketing tool if used correctly for indie companies. (big dogs have big budget for commercials and ads) This allows your game to get known without spending millions. In the last part of this post I'd like to show you how you can use piracy for greater good and minimize lost sales. 1. Release the game with DRM. I've said it. I want the game to come out with DRM. Why? This will protect the game leaks and some premature release. But mainly, this will get your game cracked by Pirate Scene and it will be posted on THOUSAND of sites where MILLIONS of users will see it. I cannot overstate the importance of this step. You can strip out the DRM in couple of weeks after release (and after the game gets cracked). Just imagine the happy posts on the forum. Example of this on the market: CD Projekt RED (The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings). 2. Release patches for at least a year after release, be active on the forum. CD Projekt RED does good at this and that's why I bought the game. Another honorable mention is Tripwire (Red Orchestra). I would also propose a simple CD key authenticity check when checking for updates to inconvenience pirates and simple "Update check and install at start up" mechanism. Believe me, nothing makes a pirate rage like having to download the new crack every week. (not to mention you have to wait for it to be cracked and released) 3. Provide the hosting for mods, manuals, other material for the game. Not sure if your game will support mods but if you make hosting options (user content section on the main-site?) then you will be able to not only control the content and make people happy but can also enforce "Valid CD-KEY needed to download the content" feature. Bandwidth is cheeeeeaaap today. Examples: Egosoft, Stardock Entertainment (sins of solar empire) I'd also like to point out that this is your first game. Just like in any other business, first you need to make a name and then the name will work for you. The sales figures might not be off the chart right away which leads me to 4. Don't switch engines for your second game. This is not really related to piracy but I still would like to point this out. Don't follow the trend. Release an Expansion. Same engine, new story line, new content. Old fans will be happy and it will cost you less to produce. Also require the original game to play and release a bundle deal sometime in future. (people are suckers for bundle deals). This is it. I hope I helped out a bit.
  3. Simple question....Will the game end up with harsh DRM that will restrict me from having it on my desktop and laptop at the same time? I would like to be able to put it on both so I can have it while I am 'cough cough' "working".