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Found 1 result

  1. Chris

    V16 tomorrow!

    Just a quick note to say V16 isn't going to be arriving today as planned. I'm waiting on two important code commits from the coders and I've not had a productive couple of days thanks to the effort required in getting the office (and our associated computer hardware) set up today and yesterday. I still can't get the game to compile at the office for some reason, but I'm sure I'll fix that tomorrow. Anyway, the major improvements will be enhanced AI (to the point it can now use psionic powers etc) which I'll let GJ explain in more detail tomorrow, the item destructibility system that means using explosive or hypervelocity weapons can destroy the equipment held by units when they are killed or already dead (to give consequences for overkill) and *hopefully* some new maps. Some early test maps for the Desert and Arctic tilesets are a possibility. We're just creating some rock formations etc to make the maps less open and to give them more verticality. A bug in the terrain editor means we couldn't put them in the game today. Also, if all goes well, there'll be a bunch new soldier portraits courtesy of the Kickstarter backers. At some point this week we'll have 41 of the 80 done, but it remains to be seen if we can get all 41 into the build tomorrow. There'll certainly be more though. EDIT - oh, and the first draft of the soldier role system (with customisable one-click loadouts) is in too.