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Found 2 results

  1. I know I may have posted this before, but just how final are the "new" enemies in the game? I'm primarily talking about the tall bois that explode (False Androns) the Eye-ball wallpenetrator thingies (Laser Eye), and the new Reaper Firstly, I hate the shit out of the fact that the false androns walk through their own ship's walls to shoot you. Secondly, their sheer size is very immersion breaking and it honestly ruins my sense of immersion when I see a 10m thin-legged robot casually strolling torwards me. Additionally, the blast radius on their attacks and the blast radius of their deaths need to be toned down, a LOT. I don't want to fight walking nukes in the final game. Secondly, the laser eyes. While I have only seen 1 during an alien base assault mission, it already seemed very out of place. Not only was it blinding white and very smooth (In direct contrast to the very industrial angular red and black drones) it also apparently shoots through walls? I couldn't exactly tell, but it seemed like it could hit soldiers standing behind full cover for around 30 points of free damage. The laser eyes also bring up another question, which is whether or not the aliens will remain primarily organic. I liked the fact that every alien you killed besides some supporting drones was a living creature. It just doesnt feel as satifying to end an andron than say, a Ceasian simply because the Andron will not scream in pain or bleed all over the floor. I hope that most aliens will remain organic and not robotic to keep this trend going. Lastly, whats up with the reapers? Why do they come back from the dead? Why do they suddenly wipe out entire cities on the 3rd turn? What happend? I like the fact that they don't 1 tap soldiers anymore and instead have to actually kill your dudes before they get infected (best change so far), but why do they not die now? TLDR: Don't like some of the new enemies very much, sorry for the rant.
  2. Watching some of the youtube videos of Xenonauts 2, what happened to the Androns? When did they go from footsoldiers to basically mechs? The new model is a bit immersion breaking and the fact that they walk through their own UFO's walls is also not very helpful. Also why do they explode when they die now? Isn't that mostly supposed to be something the drones do? TLDR: The new Androns are immersion breaking and I don't like their art style or balance changes.