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Found 1 result

  1. So A.I.! I've heard you guys were having a rough time with the subject, and after seeing a job opening I applied for the position! A small introduction: I'm a quite passionate game developer, specializing in A.I., living in the southern part of the Netherlands. Important answers for insight into the persona: - Chrysalid, Chrysalid, Chrysalid - It's called UFO: Enemy Unknown, dammit - UFO > Terror from the Deep >>> Apocalypse - Flying Power armor was O.P.; Real men play without. Now onto the good part: I want to be quite open on the A.I. development and plan to keep a journal. The journal should be approachable by anyone (it shouldn't be technical) and the first two posts can be found here: Xenonauts A.I. - Introduction Xenonauts A.I. - Knowledge Systems Pt. 1 Furthermore, feel free to ask me any and all questions, apart from specifics on game content. Also, I hope this thread turns into a discussion so you as a community can help guide me in the construction of the A.I.! Confident he will break your unfortunate A.I. coder streak, GJ (Callsign Methius)