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Found 3 results

  1. The new XCOM has a big budget and is already on magazines and internet articles everywhere, besides being developed by some big and famous publisher and developer (2K and Firaxis with Sid Meier supervising). Xenonauts and XCOM are scheduled to be released on the same time period (autumn on north-hemisphere). When the exact xcom release day is known, Goldhawk please try to release Xenonauts at least 2 weeks earlier or better even before, to stand a chance. Even selling on well known portals like Steam won't be good enough because people with a small budget will choose xcom of course. I will buy xcom and play both but that's an exception. I only knew about Xenonauts because someone mentioned the game on Steam's Xcom specific forum.
  2. Hoywolf

    X-com: EU remake?

    http://kotaku.com/5874369/x+com-enemy-unknown-will-re+imagine-classic-x+com-first-screens-prove-it thoughts anyone?
  3. Edit: New information has become available. It can be viewed here. While the Firaxis take on things still seem to be in line with what X-com was all about (I think), it does seem heavily modernized and transformed. Making it significantly different from Xenonauts. This should encourage people to try both games as opposed to selecting only one. Which makes Firaxis far less of a threat than I initially thought it would be. I think those two game should be able to coexist nicely. I , for one, look forward to both the more retro and the more modernized version. ============================================================================ From what I have seen, people right now seems to assume that Firaxis cannot and will not make a game that will truly bring back the original atmosphere of the game and make proper upgrades where is due. Much like Xenonauts is doing. They seem to take it for granted that they will most definitively find a way to mess things up in one way or any other. But that is only natural. The industry have a long history of things like this. Big shot studios usually mess up remakes and it is always small indie teams of developers such Xenonauts that always succeed at making proper remake. Big shot studios may have the financial and marketing advantage as well as access to a powerful publishing network... but indie games one true advantage is that their games are made by fans for fans. However, that advantage does not seem like it will be helping much here people. We all heard development teams claim that they are fans of the original games and therefor excited to work an the sequel/remake and bla bla bla. But most of the time, that is bullshit right ? Heck, 2k Marin was saying the same thing as well. So why would Firaxis be any different ? Well take a good look at "this". Read this, watch this and pay special attention to the comments they make in that video. These people really do not strike me as a bunch of hypocrites that are trying to pass for X-com fans. Like say *cough*2k Marin*cough*. No... they really do seem to understand the key elements of the classic that needs to be preserved at all cost and what have room for "modernization". I think that these people will really bring us a proper remake. Now some people say that they may be rushing this and that 2k games just brought this about because of the massive backlash. Well people, on 2k forums found bits of evidence that firaxis have been working on this for YEARS now. This project appear to even predate the FPS one from 2k Marin. It is still unclear why 2k games have kept silent about this for so long (but there was a rumor for quite a while). The thing I heard that make the most sense is that FPS being more main stream receive more funding for marketing purpose and therefore could afford a very long campaign. It is believed that 2k game actually intended to keep quiet about the Firaxis project even longer but came forward sooner because of the angry fans and put an end to the terrible backlash that was insufferable to them. But which ever the case is, this game really do not seems like it was rushed out or was given crappy budget. People also say that Xenonauts (being an indie game) will be far more "mod friendly" than X-com from Firaxis ever will be. To that I would like to remember you all that this game is made by the makers of the civilization series. Now whatever what you think about the civilization games, one thing is for sure... they are "mod friendly" as hell. Now Firaxis will definitively have 3D modern graphic while Xenonauts have a more retro look to it. Now many have pointed out that they prefer Xenonauts precisely because of that. But keep in mind that the people posting here are the greatest fans of the original. Therefor, people who are very much into retro gaming. But what about new customers or old fans that have moved on ? 3D is called modern because that is what is generally preferred by most people "today". Heck on Firaxis channel you see lot of people saying stuff like "X-com ? Never heard of it... But a new turn based strategy games from Firaxis ? COUNT ME IN !". Those people will be lucky if they ever know Xenonauts exist at all. But even if they do know they will look at Xenonauts surface (the gfx) and back at Firaxis again and likely wont pay Xenonauts anymore thought. Xenonauts already have a convinced customer base primarily composed of die hard fans of the original. But the bigger wider market out there is likely to be stolen from Xenonauts by Firaxis. Unlike many who seem to think that what Firaxis is doing is really no big deal and that Xenonauts don't have to worry in the slightest, I personally think that Firaxis is actually a terrible threat to the financial success of Xenonauts. I find this to be very sad as they really put lot of efforts and dedication into this project and deserved more than to simply "break it even". They deserved to make quite a profit out of this which could have allowed them to possibly quit their day job and establish a real game studio and still have enough funding to work a new projects. A bit like Notch, minecraft and Mojang. If only Xenonauts had been started 1 or 2 years sooner... Back when there was ZERO competition... But what can you do ? I still wish the best to Xenonauts but I can't bring myself to be too optimistic about this however.