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Found 2 results

  1. SmilePic

    Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

    I was wondering why no one mentioned third upcoming x-com-inspired game. I mean UFO 2 Extraterrestrials. First one wasn't that bad and since BMan's tweaks are promised it might be interesting. But Xenonauts looks way more promising to me. In case of it's already been mentioned many times all over the board, sorry)
  2. If anyone here owns UFO:ET then they may be interested in Greyfiend's latest hotfix for his mod (more like game overhaul). His latest release fixes an AI issue that previously made the game nearly unplayable. His previous updates had removed an exploit that was needed to fix the AI issue that allowed them to shoot and kill players at distances exceeding the effective range of the player's weaponry. Greyfiend's UFO: Extraterrestrials mod