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Found 3 results

  1. Ohhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaa http://guides.gamepressure.com/battlefield2142/gfx/word/623580109.jpg Obviously not the same one in the picture, but just to show what I mean I used that one. Single and Two-Seat variatiants for the Tactical Combat turn-based part of the game. With the appropriate research and manufacturing attached. Would be great for the Terror Site's part of the game when the aliens are hardcore. While I'm here can anyone point me in the direction of tutorials and guides on how to mod this game? Is it possible to scan hand drawn sprites into the game? How was the art done for this game, the units and pictures etc? Is it all digital art? I've never tried that, I've only worked with pencil/pen/charcoal and paper.
  2. So I love Xenonauts (obviously), but I feel like it's rather lacking in the transport category. You get access to the Foxtrot Interceptor very early in the game, but you have to wait to get an upgrade for the Charlie.. I feel like some sort of conventional VTOL craft that you can choose to upgrade to along with the Foxtrot is needed. It would obviously be more expensive then the Charlie of course, but in exchange you could get an upgrade to 10 slots earlier, or an upgrade in speed over the Charlie. These are just ideas and can hopefully be expanded on in the thread. Now for ideas on what this Intermediary VTOL transport should be. A few come to mind. There where plenty of Experimental VTOL transports being tested from the 1950's to 1980's. There's the V-22, obviously, which began development in 1981 under the JVX Aircraft Program. While it's development didn't pick up until the late 80's, its not unlikely that it would have been put into overdrive during an Alien invasion. Then there's the lesser known XC-142, which began development in the 60's. While the real life program had many issues, the XC-142 could be an excellent base for a fictional aircraft, I also feel it fits the Xenonauts universe very well. That's all I got. Hope it inspires you guys to make something cool. If anyone has any more ideas on the subject or has their own vehicles they want to add, post it.
  3. This isn't so much a bug report as a request to bypass a bug that I have (and may be able to help others too). I need a save game after the first ground combat is complete, where your scientists can then begin research and your engineers production etc. So if anyone has one of these floating around, I'd appreciate it =]