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Found 1 result

  1. OK, so Build V9.3 is uploading to Desura and will be available as soon as it is authorised. I expect it to hit in about an hour, asuming the Desura guys are still online when the uplaod finishes. The following improvements have been made: - We have implemented a new Xenopedia screen that pops up when a research project is completed. This still needs a bit of work in terms of text scaling etc, but we'll have it done for the weekend. It is also not currently displaying the full research text (about 80% of it) so they end a bit abruptly at the moment. - The tech tree has been fixed so you can once again access Wolf Armour and Laser Weapons, and it has been expanded to include Alenium Missiles and Alenium Torpedos for your aircraft. The Alenium Grenade has also been added but I've not set it up in the game so it'll still be identical to a normal grenade until the weekend. Autopsies have also been added but don't give the +10% damage bonus yet. - The air combat now has a contextual menu that can be activated by right-clicking on any interceptor. This pauses the game and allows you to issue them commands without using the sidebar. - The air combat has been made marginally more balanced. Expect Corvettes to cause you some headaches when you encounter them. - Aircraft and vehicles now fill hangar / garage slots when construction begins have a WIP construction image. In the next build there will be three images that the game cycles through that shows the progression of the construction. - You now have to go through the Soldier Development screen at the end of a ground combat mission, as a lot of people didn't seem to know it existed. This now displays the Wounded / Injured days correctly after combat too. - The game now has an Alt-Tab icon. - A terror site is generate at 475 on the ticker. This is still incomplete but will hopefully be complete by the weekend. - The game ends at 550 on the ticker and shows a congratulatory screen. It also asks you to buy the game - this is just a test for the public release of this build. Bugfixes: Ground Combat: - Ground Combat can now start fter loading the auto save. - Weapon reload sounds added to the game. - Correct recovery time for injured / wounded soldiers will appear on the soldier development screen after ground combat missions. - Climbing stairs will work properly in the barn. AI: - AI is no longer ignoring vehicles on ground combat missions. Geoscape: - Equiping different rockets to your MiG will no longer cause the game to crash. - The notification can now be cancelled if large numbers of buildings were completed at the same time. - Fighters above ground will no longer "crash to the sea". - An alert window will appear if you cannot manufacture a plane due to not having a free hangar slot. - The game will no longer crash if you attack a landed UFO that has taken off again. - The game will no longer crash when tailing targets on the geoscape. - The chinook will no longer float above the target crash site after loading the auto-save.