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Found 1 result

  1. Good news everybody! I’m pleased to announce that Build V8.5 has been released on Desura. This should be by far the most stable build of Xenonauts yet – I’ve sat down and played through the first two months of the game myself, up to the point where I’d researched the Wolf armour and laser weapons, and had no crashes. We’ve made a few changes to the autosave functionality, so it would help if you’d go to My Documents and clear your save files from the Xenonauts folder there before updating to stop any confusion or errors arising. I’ve attached the improvements and bugfix list below: Improvements: The ground combat save should (hopefully) now work. Please give that a test and see how it goes. Basic loading screen added to the ground combat. The Scout UFO map should now function a bit better. I’ve blocked out the walls in the terrain editor so now the aliens shouldn’t be able to spawn in them and your soldiers shouldn’t be able to walk through them. Let me know if things are still shooting through them. UFOs that ‘escape to space’ after being engaged by Xenonaut interceptors now have a 50% chance to return to Earth in the next UFO wave to attempt to finish their mission. A “Target Lost” or “Target Escaped to Space” alert should pop up if a UFO being intercepted by Xenonaut aircraft flies outside radar tracking range or finishes its mission and disappears from the map. We’ve made a variety of balance changes to make the game more fun (listed below). Balance changes: Aircraft monthly maintenance costs halved and initial purchase costs doubled. Sidewinder missiles now turn substantially faster and should be more effective against Scout UFOs. Shotguns and sniper rifles have had their damage increased to compensate for a lack of burst fire. Wolf armour now offers more protection than before. Damage randomisation has increased from 10% of base damage to 20%. Caesan Guards have received 5 extra points of armour. Bugfixes: Ground combat: Fixed crashbug associated with trying to use grenades. Fixed crashbug from opening soldier inventories on battlefield. Fixed crashbug from equipping a soldier with basic armour and a stun baton. Fixed “ghost” soldier bug where units were capable of moving through the “ghost” unit and it could not be clicked on. Fixed soldier inventory bug where a one-handed weapon equipped in the secondary weapon slot would disappear from the game if a two-handed weapon was equipped in the primary slot. Fixed bug where the Hunter armoured car could fire weapons without using any APs. Fixed bug where pressing “I” with the Hunter selected would open soldier inventories. [*]Geoscape: Wounded soldiers should be assigned armour correctly and therefore no longer crash the game when recovering from injury. Ghost crash sites should no longer appear when you load a game with a crash site in it. Some UFO types (fighter derivatives) no longer spawn crash sites when destroyed. This will stop crashes when trying to attack crash sites spawned by UFOs not intended to spawn crash sites. Autosave should now stick to three autosaves and continually overwrite itself, rather than creating dozens of autosaves in the save game folder. Save Games now display most recent first. Semi-transparent white line no longer appears through UFO / interceptor name text on the map. As always, report any bugs on the forums. However, be aware that at this point we've decided to draw a line in the sand and only fix the important bugs so we can concentrate on adding new features instead (it's been a while since we've added anything new and exciting to the game). The remainder of the bugs will be fixed in the beta. If you're going to post up a relatively minor bug, have a quick look at Sathra's master bug list to check if your bug is known already - but if in doubt, post it up anyway.