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Found 2 results

  1. Hear me out. Games too often have a tech tree where... all the advances are just incremental improvements to existing tech and items. The opponents do the same. Everything just feels the same and balanced out for the entire game with nothing really feeling different. Just bigger numbers. Stellaris at launch (stopped playing a month later) was a big victim of this design. That and the perfect Rock/Paper/Scissors combat. Sword of the Stars is an example of excellence. Yes, the numbers got bigger but the tactics and feel of the weapons became very different. God, I love the mass driver hulls... X2, suffers greatly from the incremental tech. It's boring and changes nothing in squad tactics or abilities or outcome assuming parity with the aliens. It all washes out and all your tech upgrades are meaningless. Might as well be the very first battle same as the final. It may be too late in the development cycle for X2. Still, I would strongly suggest that the team try to innovate and have each teach level ballistic/accelerated/laser/plasma all feel and act much more differently than the +125% that the info card literally says in the game! OG floppy disk X-COM even had more drastic differences in the gear-enabling tactics. Nuclear Football anyone?
  2. Technology tree for XDivision 0.99.5x Technology tree for XDivision 0.99.4x First of all, you will be need yEd Graph Editor. How to use: 1. Run yEd 2. Windows > Structure View 3. Windows > Context Views > Neighborhood Example how to use How to read: 1. Same color & style - condition "AND" 2. Different color & style - condition "OR" 3. Example how to read:
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