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    XDivision technology tree

    @Charon Wow .5, now i see. Good news. Tech tree updated for 0.99.5
  2. JoshT

    XDivision technology tree

    Hi Charon! I'm still here. Tech tree updated for XDivision 0.99.45. PS Better late than never, right?
  3. JoshT

    XDivision technology tree

    Update techtree - added marking of the chance (Function.Chance).
  4. XDivision technology tree PS 2 Charon - Thx for making great mod ).
  5. Technology tree for XDivision 0.99.5x Technology tree for XDivision 0.99.4x First of all, you will be need yEd Graph Editor. How to use: 1. Run yEd 2. Windows > Structure View 3. Windows > Context Views > Neighborhood Example how to use How to read: 1. Same color & style - condition "AND" 2. Different color & style - condition "OR" 3. Example how to read:
  6. This version of diagram contains several errors. Dont use it. Soon, maybe tomorrow, i will fix and update it for 99.44. And i'll create a separate topic.