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Found 3 results

  1. hi the sniper rifle seems to be bugged, or i using it wrong. because i'm pretty sure that 6 shots at 95% each most if not all should hit however none did I've tried multiple tactics every time the percentage is really high and it always misses no matter,the closes i got was a suppression. I really confused if i'm just miss using them or its a bug that everyone has seen. thanks for any help
  2. I play the game, and I think the sniper rifle should have more shooting range and accuracy, now my sniper used MG as sniper rifle and doing a much better job. Since sniper used more TU then rifle and no burst mode, so it should be more advantage in range and accuracy.
  3. Hi guys, I was kind of wondering wouldn't it be logical to make an action for a sniper rifle, which would uncover fog of war in a narrow cone in front of the sniper for some TU? Like he would actually stop ant look through the scope, thus seeing farther until his line of sight is obstructed. It would change scouting a little, but add some more fun to sniper rifles and some new tactical possibilities. Such thing shouldn't be hard to implement so yeah, what do you think? edit: oh and there must be a researchable Alerium rocket for rocket launcher because its just logical!
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