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  1. Hello Team, Chris mentioned in one of his posts that RP elements will be in the game again. This time even closer to an RPG because of soldiers now have stats & skills (before they had just stats). I'd propose the Idea to give not only soldiers stats & skills, it would be nice to have the RP elements for scientists and engineers. Also, you have to save them in base attack missions. Both classes could specialise in the same way as you thought of the soldier (rifle skill vs. rocket skill vs. ...). Thinkable specialisations for scientists could be: Surgent: having a surgent in Base increases healing time of wounded units also he gets a bonus at autopsy speed. Physicist: he is specialised in this field, adding a bonus to his science hour value (making the research faster) if it is a physic project. Chemist: same bonus effect, if it is a chemical or metallic project. Construction specialist: same bonus effect, if it is a model or structure project. Thinkable specialisations for engineers could be: Mechanic: decrease repair time of interceptors, dropships & vehicles. Builder: decrease the build time of any structure in your base. Also decreases damage penalties during base def missions (now it would made sense that aliens try to damage your stuff :-) ) Armourer: he is specialised in making armours, adding a bonus to his work hour values if he works on any armour. Weaponsmith: same bonus effect, but if he works on any kind of weapon. With such specialisation you add much more depth to the game. I know that this will make the game bigger again, but this could be giving many more choices to the player and much more depth. Furthermore, you could need to bring them in some special missions. Beside the "three" classes already in game I propose a third one: Operative. He can be used within the base as well as field agent. In base the operative adds bonus to: detection of UFOS prices at sales and buys to recovery of any fatigue As field agent following he can do spy operations: gives you an update about relations of the target block / country and others as well as to aliens if there are any. recon operations: gives you an update about alien infrastructure in a region id there is any. diplomatic missions: slowly advances your relationship with a block / country. Recruiting missions: searches for veterans or advanced personnel instead of recruiting rookies in the labs, bays or barracks. With that you would make my dream come true: a game with much RP elements in a strategy game. Best Regards ShadowAdmiral
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