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Found 5 results

  1. Whenever I try to save the game it does nothing. I type a name for the save game, click save and it does not appear on my saved games when I click on load/save game. I've tried reinstalling, changing betas (Legacy and X:CE), with and without mods and changing the install folder. Still nothing. It would be much appreciated if someone has a fix since I cannot even play the game due to this bug (and I would like to play very much). I also have another bug but luckily it's not game breaking. Whenever I try to change any audio settings it instantly crashes to desktop. I have also tried all of the above to fix it and nothing. SOLUTION: I changed the save location to my desktop (originally in my documents). My saves just don't work if there in the documents folder for some reason
  2. Hi, i just got the game via steam i'm using a win 10 64-bit after playing the game i cann't save. i do the normal process of saving it gives me no error and the game goes on but when i go to load the save does not exist. i tried to change the save location but it stay as it was initially.. please help it looks like a great game.. Thanks
  3. Hello, I'm playing Xenonauts Community Edition with almost no mods (only the base ones enabled automatically, plus Ambiant Sounds). I was recording live on Twitch and for a Youtube Let's play, so that's quite unfortunate if I can't deliver the content of endgame. The crash occurs during a mission with a Praetor. This is the only time I've had the game freeze like this, so it's probably either linked to the Praetor himself or Psy powers. The first the issue didn't occur at this point but 5 turns later while inside the ship. I reloaded this save, and never managed to go further : It always freezes at the end of this turn. I even tried to not move at all, but no luck. After about 8 retries, I gave up. You can download the save below. Thanks, all help is appreciated. Oz_encours.7z
  4. I tried this assault many times. Once I got through. Usually the loading screen with the tip just stays there forever. I tried giving it 10 minutes and still nothing. Once or twice the game just crashed. Save file
  5. I've noticed two things so far with saving that I think would be better changed in the final version. First, could double-clicking on a previous save file automatically overwrite it, or at least bring up the prompt for overwriting? Currently, overwriting a save is a little annoying. Second, I saved a game while in a mission, then had to quit. When I tried to reload, it started the mission over. I'd prefer to be able to save in mission and come back to it, but if not, could saving be grayed out just to prevent confusion? So far enjoying the game a ton. No question that it's the best successor to x-com that I've ever seen. Keep up the good work!
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