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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, you may remember a few years back I did an AWACs mod which let you put in an AWAC recon flier at the game start. I playtested it and I loved it, thought it added a whole new level of strategy to the game. Well, I'd love to update it to the CE version and be able to upload it to Steam. The problem is I just can't get the damn thing to work. I wonder if anyone could help? I also can't seem to get the modding log to show up, I can get the thing to show up in the Xenopedia. I can get the Condor purchase box to move, so it registers something there, but just no. It's not working. AWACFuel3.zip
  2. I just want to run my idea here to see if I'm alone in this. My idea would be to rename the RADAR facility to something like (X) ASCDA ((eXperimental) Alien SpaceCraft Detection Array)(Maybe someone can come up with better name then I did). Its a little thing and only for fluff reasons but also back in EU95 it bugged me a little that it seems only I can detect UFOs since I'm not getting any sightings from the military. But if I detect it by RADAR well there is RADAR coverage all over the world... Renaming it would help to explain several things. First it would explain why I don't get reliable UFO sightings from the local military because they are just not able to detect it. Secondly it would help explain why local military forces have such a hard time fighting off UFOs even if they have a lot more fighter planes then I do, because if you don't see it you can't fight it very well.
  3. I've tried looking in the xenopedia (there's no info there for base facilities, I also noticed today its missing a home page kind of odd it opens up completely blank) so how exactly does radar work? seems everything I can find is outdated at this point in old threads. 1 Is there still a short and a long range detection chance? I do not see 2 circles as I have seen mentioned in older threads. 2 If I build a second radar will I get more range or just a better detection chance? 3 i've seen videos on youtube where radar range is wider than mine currently is, if not by additional radars how/when is this accomplished? 4 is there ane value to placing your bases to where radar slightly overlaps, or is gaps in coverage not a terrible thing so long as they are not too big? example below.
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