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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. What i`m suggestion might look like something similar to medals system, but its a bit different. Here what i was thinking about recently. Imagine a soldier using the same weapon from mission to mission. The longer he uses it - the more familiar he gets with it and the more experienced with it he gets. This results in accuracy, reloading speed, preparation and etc. improvements. So, in Xenonaugts along with basic stat growth and medal system for ecxeptional deeds we can have a special weapon type familiarisation system. This could be made as achievements or perks or simply specialisations. Here is a small list of examples: Gunslinger -> +20% accuracy with pistols. Requires 50 pistol shots. Gunner -> +20% suppression damage with machineguns. Requires 100 mgun shots. Assaulter -> +20% accuracy with rifles. Requires 75 rifle shots. Assasin -> +15% damage with sniper rifles. Requires 15 sniper rifle kills. CQC Specialist -> +15% damage with shotguns. Requires 15 shotgun kills. Medic -> +20% more HP for healing. Requires a total of 50 healed HP during the game. Tough Guy -> -15% damage taken. Requires a total of 100 HP lost during the game. Grenadier -> -20% AP for throwing grenades. Requires 25 grenade throws. Bombardier -> +20% damage with launchers. Requires 25 kills with launchers. Rapid Fire -> -15% AP for snap shots. Requires 75 snap shots with any weapon. Bullet Swarm -> +1 additional bullet per auto-fire. Requires 50 auto-shots with any weapon. Sniper -> +10% accuracy for each level of aiming. Requires 50 aimed shots with any weapon. There should be a limit of 2 specialisations per soldier. So you wont be able to farm an uber-soldier, but you could end up with Sniper/assasin or bullet swarm/assault or sniper/assault etc.
  2. I propose to add a branch training, and soldiers trained in the specialty: 1.Sniper 2.Heavy weapons 3.Light and semi automatic weapons 4.Explosives, missles and grenades 5.Energy weapons(alien weapon). Each branch is working on the characterization of a soldier, such as a sniper - akuratno and range. Heavy on the cargo and portable akuratno firing heavy weapons. Also needed perks! For example: 1. killed 200 blue aliens - was 5% more damage they cause 2.Throw 100 grenades - was to throw more 5metrov 3.suffered 3,000 HP damage - has +3% Armor This will make the gameplay much more interesting.
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