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Found 3 results

  1. Milestone 2.10 UK Version In commence air attack, i can't hit the hot keys to move the aircraft sideways. I have to push the buttons to move the aircraft sideways.
  2. Let's say you wanted to move your soldiers to a certain spot on the map that is so far away, it will take several turns to reach it. So, on each turn, for each soldier, you'll have to: 1.) Select the soldier 2.) Scroll the map all the way to the target location 3.) Double-click the tile you want to move into ... which gets pretty tedious on larger squads. Now, what if the game actually remembered which tile a soldier was trying to move into before he ran out of TUs and you could re-issue the same movement order by simply pressing a hotkey? You would only have to issue the movement orders once and then just keep pressing the hotkey on each soldier until everyone has reached the target location. Jagged Alliance 2 had a feature similar to this and I thought it was really handy
  3. The "roof button" is great, but a roof button hotkey would really help. This game has wonderful artwork for the roofs of buildings, the upper sections of lamposts, etc. etc. but I almost never see it because I am usually looking at the ground floor. The roof view, while cinematic and showing my soldiers who are flying, is generally not very practical for combat. So a quick way to toggle back and forth would allow some more mileage out of the great visuals.
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