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Found 1 result

  1. updated mechanic: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/4654-New-Gameplay-Mechanics-for-Heavy-Weapons?p=59475&viewfull=1#post59475 --- Do away with the movement accuracy penalty. Rockets have a similar accuracy to present (slightly less?), but cost ~twice as many TUs to fire and suffer no accuracy penalty (it makes no sense that standing still helps you fire a rocket when you can fire/reload/fire in the same turn - those things are bulky). LMGs (ballistic) take ~35-38 TUs, Laser the same (I feel 45 is too much, 32 too little). Sniper remains roughly the same. Precision and LMGs have to "deploy" in order to not be hit with a massive accuracy penalty - I'm not sure where in the UI this will occur (downside #1), but some button - perhaps it could be a "reserve TU choice" and moving adds the undeployment to the first square cost? Anyways once deployed units CANNOT move until they "pack up" (another TU sink), but have their accuracy penalty removed (66%-75%?) while deployed. Let's say it takes ~30 TUs to deploy - this means that committing to a position now has more meaning. Changing stance is not allowed, but you can rotate at ~4x the normal TU cost. Downside #2 - animations, though this isn't quite as bad as it sounds. When deployed both weapons will have a bipod out. There will need to be two different deployed stances, with and without cover. With cover is a standard crouch with a small bipod that will appear over the prop, without cover can either be a longer bipod or prone. While more animations are highly highly discouraged, at least these are two (2h) weapon types for each armor, and are very similar to existing ones. The act of deployment could even just be the current hand shuffling. Going prone would give an increased defensive bonus over a crouch, but would require more animations obviously. Weapons cannot be deployed standing (standing still doesn't really help you ready a LMG, firing from the hip should cost accuracy). HW now feel very unique - you have to think where to deploy, how much it will cost, and the time it would take to move positions. The harsher accuracy penalty makes moving and firing less appealing as well. This should make rifles much more desireable, not in terms of DPS but in the core sense of mobility.