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Found 5 results

  1. Then I saved game (save1) and moved my soldier up into teleporter, I saw an Andron, staying in left-top corner of room. I made 95% shot by sniper and hit him. And... Andron disappear! All what's left is a shadow upon the floor and red circles when I tried to target that place. I make a new save2 and reloaded it. Enemy icon still was present, but pointing to another Andron's remains, near reactor. No enemy is visible! After that I loaded save1. And found Andron on top of that Andron corpse, near reactor. After killing him in that place I'm investigated two Andron remains and one heavy plasma. Undead Andron, heh? Xenonauts.zip Xenonauts.zip
  2. To replicate: 1) Soldier fires at alien. 2) Alien survives and turns around to reaction fire (was facing away). 3) Before the reaction fire, I click my soldier to go onto one of the teleporter pads. Soldier moves onto teleporter pad. 4) Alien reaction fires and misses. Game is now locked up. Animations and sounds are playing fine but interface is non-responsive. Fortunately I saved mid-battle due to another bug.
  3. Hi, I can currently only play a ground mission or two before I get to one where the graphics are messed up. I see white squares replacing some textures and this is sometimes fixed by alt-tabbing. However, whenever I encounter this bug if i click on exit game the game crashes with a C++ Runtime Library Error. This states that the game terminated in an unusual. I sometimes get a straight CTD which a windows close program message instead. I have played about 6 hours whilst the game was in early access and didn't have any of these problems. I have deleted the game and redownloaded, tried to install to a different drive all to no avail. I have updated the visual c++ runtime libraries (2013) and an using the latest nvdidia drivers (337.88). I am able to run Sniper Elite 3 on ultra with no issues, so i am unsure what else to try. I have an i7-4790, Nvidia GTX770 and 8gig of ram. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I love the atmosphere of the game, but it is unplayable for me at present. I have attached a screenshot and save game that has textures missing. Alt tabbing fixes some of this, but not the black areas in the bottom left. The game always crashes for me when I try to exit game via the menu. [ATTACH]4600[/ATTACH] Bug.sav Bug.sav
  4. Hello, first time posting on these forums in the hopes of improving a wonderful game. Thanks for being inspired by X-COM and making a much better game than X-COM's re-release. I just encountered a bug when trying to go up some stairs where my character walked INTO the stairs rather than up them. The second floor was inaccessible and my character ended up standing inside the wall that the upstairs landing was above (the tile behind the stairs). He could walk back out again, but this means he can't go upstairs.
  5. Hello All, I was finishing up a Terror Mission in Taipei with the last enemy being a Reaper zombie. I fired on the zombie, making it shed into a Reaper, and then unable to finish killing it, I hit end turn. The Successful mission screen came up, but with a score of zero, terror site not secured on it. When back on the geoscape I tried to reload to see if it was just a hiccup and I could kill the Reaper to secure the terror site. When the game reloaded in combat I would get an automatic mission failed screen, and my drop ship and all troops lost. What could be causing this?
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