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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, would it be possible to add button to the Xenonauts opening screen which will download and extract community map pack(s)? This possibility (map pack) is hidden to many people and for example one review I have read said "few repetitive maps" and lowered final score because of that. If this community map pack would be validated & frozen (so next maps will go to second map pack) then it should be safe to use this approach. Pretty please
  2. To whom it may concern, As of late I have found that many of the games I used to play (since the 90's) are becoming un-playable. Newer video cards, Higher Resolutions, and old age seem to be constantly causing issues with game text size. I have found that others have similiar issues as well. I have looked amongst the modding forum in hopes to find out if there are plans to implement text options in the game. More precisely I am speaking of the option to increase the size of the text within the game. An example of a game that comes to mind that has text issues would be Civ4. The text while not too small becomes taxing on the eyes after a while. Would it be possible to include a text size option in the game? Or maybe have a seperate file with all the text in it which could be modified to increase the font size of all text? Thanks in advance for your help Tyron > Thanks everyone for your answer. I will look to photoshop.
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