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Found 2 results

  1. Bug: Mod cannot override fonts, launcher images, and splashscreen image. Steps to reproduce: Run launcher, add attached mod and put it at top. Launch game. Note that splashscreen is not overridden by the mod. In the game, note that all text is missing, because the font is not overridden by the mod. Exit and run launcher. Note that the launcher button is not overridden by the mod. Exit launcher Manually replace the "fonts", "launcher", and "splashscreen" folders in xenonauts with those in the mod. (Keep a backup!) Repeat step 2-5 and note that the replaced resources are functional (screenshots below). In plain words, I got a Chinese translation mod for X:CE, very comprehensive and intended to be a nice citizen of X:CE. But it won't work as a mod (which is forward-compatible) unless at least the font can be overwritten. What the launcher and game should look like after mod: mod_xce_zh.20161103.zip
  2. Update: At time of original post there were some other modding issues. With those resolved which means a mod is feasible barring the font issue, I've reported this as an XCE bug. I'm doing a Chinese translation mod for X:CE. The hard part is done - every text translated, properly working as a mod, and get some working fonts. Now the problem I face... I can't override the fonts as a mod: 1. Arial.mvec does not work as fallback, at least not for Chinese. If I only override arial.mvec, I won't see Chinese in dialogs or Xenopedia. Only English and numbers. 2. The fonts are placed in the mod, in "fonts" folder, but it's no use. 3. If I write Chinese in modinfo.xml, the launcher won't display them correctly. I don't mind the fallback issue much. But I can't solve the remaining two issues. Is this a known limitation? If yes, can it be fixed? Attached is an example mod. After installation everything is blank unless the fonts are manually replaced (and duplicated, in case of dialogs/xenopedia). P.S. Is it possible to translate the launcher? mod_xce_zh.0_34_2_20161028.zip
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