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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, guys. Howzit? So, thinking over the plasma weapon mechanics, I remembered that the ionized gas (the plasma itself) is prevented from dissipating by the inclusion of a bit of antimatter at the core, which somehow binds it together for longer. Antimatter doesn't behave like this, and it kind of breaks a lot of immersion for me, and probably would for a lot of others who know how antimatter operates. Actually, it's my main complaint in the game right now, now that I think about it. I would recommend calling it a graviton (inject a cluster of gravitons, inject a single graviton, etc) instead of antimatter, because calling it antimatter makes no sense. Antimatter would simply annihilate with some of the plasma (it being regular matter), creating a release of energy (if a lot of antimatter, a whole heck of a lot of energy.) It would just detonate inside the barrel of your gun, leading to a big mess and probably a dead soldier. However, gravitons are the hypothesized elementary particle relating to gravity, just as the photon relates to electromagnetism (light), the gluon relates to the strong nuclear force, and the W and Z bosons relate to the weak nuclear force. While gravitons technically wouldn't act as the game says either, I think they would make a much better particle to techno-babble away as the reason the plasma doesn't dissipate. I mean, since they actually relate to gravity, it'd make a lot more sense to people who actually know what antimatter is and how it behaves, even if only on an elementary level, and how gravitons (probably) actually operate isn't nearly as well known as antimatter's properties, so it'd be much less likely for people to notice what's wrong. Besides, graviton's just sound cool. I don't think it'd take all that much changing of the game, just a few lines of research description and xenopedia, I'd expect. But it would increase the level of immersion for me (and probably other people who know how antimatter operates) significantly. That's all. Thanks!
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