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Found 2 results

  1. *When manually unloading a soldier’s weapon, however much ammo was in that magazine affects the ammo percentage for ALL the same magazines that that soldier is carrying, whether those other magazines had more or less ammo to start with *If a soldier has their weapon empty and the player selected for their soldier to quick reload ALL the soldier's magazines become full again even if there were a number of them partially full only; this could be exploited so that a player can have all their soldiers carry INFINITE ammo as a result; removing the Quick Reload Slot altogether will simplify in resolving this issue (there is no need for this feature anyway, as I explain in my other post: (Thoughts for the game thus-far/ http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/13556-Thoughts-for-the-game-thus-far))
  2. After moving the hunter(with machine-gun equipped) any distance, given that you have enough AP remaining, you can continuously unload said gun without consuming AP. To recreate this bug: + Equip a hunter with a machine-gun. + Enter into ground combat with the machine-gun equipped hunter, henceforth name "Chitterbug" (The name fits, really) + Embark the Chitterbug off the chopper. + Check that you at least have 20 AP left (the amount needed to fire the gun, hence the "chitter") + Have Chitterbug attack whatever Aliens, Walls, Civilians dare to behold its glory. + Repeat until all things worth being dead are dead, or until you have no more ammo. This is no majorly game breaking as you will run out of ammo but enough of the map/ forces should be leveled to warrant sending in your troops. Enjoy it while you can folks!
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