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  1. There have been lots of threads where we talk about how things feel, or how we're investing "a lot" in X, but not many threads featuring actual numbers. In the interest of having actual numbers for balance discussion, I started a new game and logged every event/expense/income on a month by month basis. These numbers were from 19.2, hence me not posting them in the current Geoscape thread. I will be doing this again for all my future playthroughs. Summary: Build 2 bases, each with 3 foxtrots then start investing in ground upgrades. I deliberately made some sub-optimal choices (first base in northern China, second in USA). The only aircraft I built were 6 Foxtrots, with three at each base. I never lost an aircraft, and generally spent money as fast as I got it on the way to getting up 6 Foxes, then started investing in ground combat until I unlocked Marauders (which I didn't quite get to before 19.3 came out). Explanations: "Air" includes hangars, aircraft, and air weapons. "Ground" includes soldiers, gear, transports. "Infrastructure" is everything else. September: Expenses: Air 350K (66%) | Ground 0 (0%) | Infrastructure 175K (33%) Income: Recovered from missions 326K (39%) | Starting income 500k (61%) UFO Contacts: 7 Light Scouts UFO Killed: 6 Light Scouts Ground Missions: 7 Light Scouts October Expenses: Air 500K (42%) | Ground 0 (0%) | Infrastructure 700K (58%) Income: Recovered 332K (26%) | Monthly 921K (74%) UFO Contacts: 4 Fighters, 5 Scouts, 7 Fighterx3, 1 Bomber UFO Killed: 3 Fighters, 3 Scouts, 2 Fighterx3, 1 Bomber Ground Missions: 3 Scouts, 1 Terror November Expenses: Air 750K (66%) | Ground 160k (14%) | Infrastructure 225k (20%) Income: Recovered 676k (41%) | Monthly 964k (59%) UFO Contacts: 5 Fighter, 4 Fighterx3, 3 Corvette/escorts, 2 Corvettes, 1 Bomber, 3 Heavy Fighter UFO Killed: 4 Fighters, 4 Fightersx3, 1 Corvette/escorts, 1 Corvette, 1 Bomber, 3 Heavy Fighter Missions: 3 Terror, 1 Corvette, 1 Base assault Comments: I missed a lot of UFOs while my second wing of Foxtrots was finishing production. December Expenses: Air 0k (0%) | Ground 840k (62%) | Infrastructure 525k (38%) Income: Recovered 1054k (54%) | Monthly 899k (46%) UFO Contacts: 3 Bomber, 8 Heavy Fighter, 4 Landing Ship, 1 Landing Ship/escorts, 2 H Fighterx3, 1 Cruiser UFO Kills: 2 Bomber, 6 Heavy Fighter, 2 Landing Ship, 1 Landing Ship/escorts, 2 H Fighterx3, 1 Cruiser Missions: 3 Terror, 1 Landing Ship, 1 Base Assault Comment: Skipped a terror mission because it was late Dec and I still hadn't unlocked plasma explosives for lack of appropriate ships. In related news, terror missions are now penalized for skipping but not for aborting.
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